Ease Mouse
Ease Mouse

Control all the actions of your mobile device with a mouse or trackball
Ease Touch
Ease Touch

Control your device with a single finger, even with dexterity problems
Ease Joypad
Ease Joypad

Control your device with a joystick, gamepad, keyboard or switches

Easing the access to mobile devices

Ease Apps remove most physical access barriers to Android mobile devices like no other App in the market.

Multiple means of access
Adaptive access through touch screen, mice of all kinds, game devices and keyboards.
Simplified actions and gestures
The majority of gestures and actions needed to control a mobile device can be generated in a simple way. These include tapping, dragging, zooming, going home, going back, opening notifications, etc.
Multiple access modes (direct, by time, by dwelling, etc.), and configuration options to suit the specific needs.
Compatibility with most Android devices (since version 7) and third party Apps, including messaging systems, browsers and most games.

Who is designed Ease Apps for?

We want everyone to be able to interact and communicate using a mobile device

Cerebral palsy
For people with traumatic brain injuries or cerebral palsy, with ataxia or other conditions.
Multiple sclerosis
For people with multiple sclerosis or other neuromuscular diseases.
For people suffering from Parkinson's or essential tremors.
Manipulation Problems
In general, for people with difficulties to access the touch screen or for alternative access through all kinds of mice, switches or game devices.
Relatives and supporters
Ease Apps are also aimed at relatives of people with disabilities and social and health care professionals, looking for solutions to reinforce autonomy and facilitate interaction.

Which application is for me?

Ease Mouse

Ease Mouse

For people who use an alternative access method through a mouse like device (regular mouse, trackball, joystick, head-tracker, etc).
Ease Touch

Ease Touch

For people with lack of precision when using the touch screen due to neuromuscular conditions, tremors (eg. Parkinsons disease), ataxia, difficulty in coordinating the movement of the fingers,etc
Ease Joypad

Ease Joypad

For people who use game adapters such as JoyCable or Xbox adaptive controller adapted with push buttons as a means of access or through keyboards or other game devices



It's great to be able to operate the phone! At the beginning it requires some effort but with a little practice I'll go much faster. Ease Joypad user. Fundació ASPACE Catalunya.


Previously I was afraid to use my mobile phone and I did not use it. Thanks to this application I manage it better and I start using it more. Ease Touch user. Associació de  Malalts de Parkinson de L'Hospitalet I del Baix Llobregat.


I am convinced that Ease Mouse will help me a lot to be more autonomous with my mobile phone, especially with WhatsApp and Facebook. Ease Mouse user. Associació Provincial de Paràlisi Cerebral (APPC) of Tarragona.

We are a group of professionals, from different areas, who have in common a long journey in the field of disability and cerebral palsy.

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We are grateful to

Associació Provincial de Paràlisi Cerebral (APPC) de Tarragona
Fundació ASPACE Catalunya
Federación Española de Parkinson
Fundación Vodafone España